Teaching Experience

In graduate school, I spent the Fall semester of 2022 being a TA and running a recitation section in 18.01, the introductory calculus class offered by the MIT math department, under Larry Guth. As an undergraduate, I spent a lot of time grading and holding office hours for the following classes:

  1. Introduction to Statistics (Spring 2019, grader)

  2. Intro to Algebraic Topology (Spring 2019)

  3. Honors Complex Variables (Fall 2018)

  4. Introduction to Algebraic topology (Spring 2018)

  5. Honors Complex Variables (Fall 2017)

  6. Honors Math B (Spring 2017)

  7. Honors Math A (Fall 2016)

In addition to the above, I have often tutored, both remuneratively (throughout high school and college), and as a part of the great programs Chicago Lights (in high school) and One-to-One Tutoring (throughout college).